5 Ways to Stop your Dog Pulling on its Leash

Most of the dog owners out there in the world find it as a challenging experience to walk nicely on a leash. But you are provided with the opportunity to overcome this frustration with appropriate dog training. You just need to have a clear understanding about the factors why your dog is pulling on its leash and take appropriate steps in order to overcome those factors.

Below mentioned are 5 effective tips that you can follow in order to stop your dog pulling on its leash. Any dog owner can try out these tips without keeping any doubt in mind.

  1. Be like a tree

You can stand still like a tree when your dog starts pulling on its leash. But before you try out this method, it is extremely important to be equipped with a comfortable leash. The leash should be tight enough to keep your dog away from discomfort as well. See whether if you can slide your hand in between the neck and the collar of your dog. If you can do it, you have discovered the perfect tightness for the collar. In addition, you should be careful to use the right type of leash. In fact, you are not encouraged to use a retractable leash in this kind of a situation. You need to use a cloth leash or a standard chain.

Once you are walking with your dog with that kind of a leash, and when the dog starts pulling, you need to stop and stand. In other words, you should stand like a tree. While you are standing, you will notice that your dog is pulling. But you shouldn’t let the dog go in the way that he is trying. The main objective of this is to convince your dog that you are not interested in following his directions. You can repeat this for several times and then your dog will figure out that it is useful to pull on the leash.

  1. Take a look at the clicker training method

It is also possible for you to go ahead and do clicker training to make sure that the dog doesn’t pull on the leash. However, you will only be able to follow this method, if your dog is responding to the clicker. At every single time where your dog obeys to a command, you will need to use the clicker. Along with that, you will need to provide a treat to the dog as well.  With this approach, you will be able to make sure that your dog is responding effectively to the clicker.

To get the best possible results, you will need to be consistent with the way how you use the clicker. Once your dog starts pulling on the leash, you just need to click on the clicker. Along with that, you can put a treat for the dog as well. This will distract the dog and will keep him away from pulling. On the other hand, you will be able to minimize the chances where your dog is pulling on its leash, because you will be able to convince him that it is possible to get a treat without pulling.

  1. Practice attention

If you are having a dog who is more independent while listening, this will be the best approach available for you to try out. The dogs naturally prefer to explore the surroundings and take part in their own activities. This is the main reason why the dogs will pull on the leash while they walk. The best method available for you to keep your dog away from doing this would be to keep entire attention of him on you while walking. However, this is not an easy thing to do and you will need to practice attention for a long period of time. The time you spend with the practices can provide you with amazing results in the long run.

You need to make sure that your dog looks at your face when you call him by his name. This will provide eye contact in between you and the dog. Once your dog starts pulling on its leash, you just need to say its name and he will look at you. As a result, you will be able to keep him away from pulling on the leash.

  1. Reward your dog for the correct position

If you can reward your dog for the correct position, it will be possible for you to keep him away from pulling on the leash. When your dog is in the heel position when walking, you can provide a treat and reward him. It is possible for you to do this like a game. Usually, most of the dogs prefer to take part in these types of games. But when you see that your dog is trying to pull from the leash, you should convince him that you are not giving a treat because of the position.

You don’t always need to give candy to your dog as treats. It is even possible to give toys or to praise the dog. You can take a look at the pet supplies available in the market to figure out all the options that are available for you to try out. The dog accessories you purchase can include custom leather dog collars, luxury dog collars or light up dog collars. Or else, you can even purchase Christmas dog collars, so that your pet will be able to move along with seasonal greetings. You just need to make sure that your dog loves the reward that he is receiving for his position at the end of the day.

  1. Never allow pulling to be reinforced

When the dogs get reinforced, they tend to go ahead and do whatever they want. Hence, you need to make sure that your dog is now getting rewarded with anything for pulling on the leash. If your dog is rewarded with something for pulling on its leash, he will continue to do the same thing again and again. You need to make sure that this doesn’t happen. If you can ensure that, you will effectively get the opportunity to keep the dog away from pulling on the leash.

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