Anti-bark Collar-Devices to Keep Dogs Quiet

Does your dog bark every time? Barking can be defined as the usual reaction of a dog towards external stimuli such as a threat. Therefore, you shouldn’t really bother about it. But if your dog is barking excessively, maybe throughout the entire night, you need to think about a way to get rid of it. Several methods are available for the dog owners to keep their dogs away from barking excessively. If you are looking for a humane method out of them, the anti-bark collars would be the best solution available.

What are anti-bark devices?

The dog anti-bark collars that you can purchase from an online pet store are equipped with a simple mechanism. In fact, these collars consist of two major components. They are a battery and a microphone. However, these components can vary based on the type of the anti-bark collar. When your dog barks, the anti-bark collar would trigger a mild stimulus and a beep in order to discourage it from barking. The stimuli released by the anti-bark collar can further be divided into two categories. It can either be an ultrasonic sound or the oil of citronella plant. Both these methods do not have the potential to cause any pain to your dog. However, some dog owners prefer to use anti-bark collars with ultrasound stimuli because they believe that it is more effective than the other. On the other hand, some people argue that citronella oil is more effective because the dogs would get accustomed to ultrasound along with time.

What are the different types of anti-bark devices that are available?

As mentioned earlier, many different types of anti-bark devices are available out there in the market for you to purchase. Just like you pay special attention towards all available options when purchasing dog hoodie or dog bandanas, you need to take a look at the available options and go for the best one out of them. All dogs are different. Therefore, a specific anti-bark collar would not be able to deliver positive results for all the dog breeds. For example, you will not be able to use the same type of anti-bark collar for a poodle and a German Shepard. Here is a list of the most prominent types of anti-bark collars, which can be purchased from the market.

  1. Anti-bark collars that generate an electric stimulation – These anti-bark collars are also known as static correction collars or shock collars. However, you don’t need to worry about anything when you purchase this type of a dog collar because they would not actually shock the dog. These collars deliver a slight sensation, which is not painful at all. In other words, these collars work using probes/contact points, which deliver a gentle static electric stimulation. Therefore, these collars can be considered as an effective, mild and a safe method available to train the dogs. Most of the static dog collars emit a beep sound in order to give out an audible warning to the dogs along with static pulse. This sensation can distract and surprise the dog, which can keep him away from barking. As mentioned earlier, static correction is a humane and a harmless method available for you to train your dog.
  2. Anti-bark collars that come with a vibration option – As the name implies, these anti-bark collars vibrate when they hear your dog barking. The generated sensation would not cause any harm to your dog. In fact, it is similar to the sensation that you would get when you hold a vibrating mobile phone. Even though some people debate about the effectiveness of vibration dog collars, you will be able to get desired results when used on dogs that have short hair.
  3. Anti-bark collars that use citronella liquid – These anti-bark collars consist of a small reservoir containing citronella liquid. It has been identified that the dogs do not prefer the unpleasant smell that comes out of citronella liquid. These dog collars would spray a mist form around the face of the dog once it is activated. When the unpleasant smell is combined with mist, it would surprise the dog and keep it away from barking unnecessarily. Such citronella spray collars are recommended for the people who own timid and shy dogs. In fact, intelligent and aggressive dogs can easily figure out how to empty the citronella reservoir. Therefore, you will not be able to get effective results.

What are the benefits associated with anti-bark devices?

People who use anti-bark collars will be able to experience a variety of benefits in the long run when compared to the people who use other bark preventing or discouraging methods. The humane nature of bark prevention can be considered as the most prominent benefit out of them. The dog owners would not want to hurt their pets just because they bark excessively. The anti-bark collars would be the best option available for them in that kind of a situation. Using such a collar would not make your dog aggressive. It would just discourage the excessive barking of your dog, which brings a lot of frustration to your mind.

These dog training collars are not in a position to cause any harmful side effects to your dog as well. They can deliver a sense of fashion to your dog like the dog coats. For example, the citronella oil that is used in anti-bark collars is obtained from a natural plant. This will not trigger allergies in your dog or cause any illnesses. These collars are also safe for the nearby insects. For example, the mosquitoes, ticks and fleas do not like the smell coming out of citronella oil and they would go away. Citronella oil will not hurt or kill them.

As you can see, different types of anti-bark collars can be found out there in the market. You can do a simple research on the dog barking collars and figure out the best product that is available for you. It should be a comprehensive research, which you do to locate the best dog dresses and dog hats available in the market. It is always better to pay attention towards the nature of your dog to purchase the best anti-bark collar. All these collars are extremely effective when compared to other methods that are being used to discourage dogs from unwanted barking. Moreover, these anti-bark collars can be purchased from the market at a reasonable price tag. Therefore, any dog owner can think of purchasing them without a doubt on mind.

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