Pet Dog training collars

A dog training collars are a very effective piece of equipment which ensures that your dog does not follow its instinctive natural inclination to wander away, be aggressive or even be violent towards passersby and other dogs.

Every dog needs to be trained to ensure that it obey your commands, if not they could harm others and you could get into trouble with the law.

It is hence imperative that your dog is trained to obey your commands and one tool that you could employ towards that endeavor would be to strap it with a dog training collar.

There are many types of dog collars available in the market, therefore finding the appropriate one for your dog would need you to be apprised of all the necessary information, to make your decision to buy easier. You will also be able to spend your money in purchasing personalized dog collars. This will help you to deliver a better experience to your dog.

There are few aspects which you would need to take into consideration before buying a dog training collar and the primary of which would be the size of your dog and how best the collar would fit it.

Another aspect that would need to be considered, is as to what sort of control and corrective measures you would need to exert upon your dog so that it is well under your complete control at all times.

There is an inherent trait in dogs which could be used to your advantage and that is their anxiousness to always please their masters, which would allow you to take note of and ensure they obey your commands.

Taking this vital aspect into account you could use a dog training collar and ensure that you train your dog to be an extension of your own characteristics and thinking, because dogs tend to follow their masters.

The following are some of the popularly used dog training collars, which you could employ to ensure that you have an obedient dog at the end of your leash.


#. Choker collars

These dog training collars are either thin chains or nylon ropes which encircle the neck of your dog and every time it tries to pull on the leash it would find difficulty in breathing which would automatically restrict its movements.

The tight fit around the neck of your dog could prevent easy airflow whilst it is breathing hence caution should be exerted every time you pull on it.

These collars need to be removed after returning from a walk as it could choke the dog and strangle it if kept on throughout the day.  You can also purchase a GPS dog collar, so that you can easily track the location of your dog at any given time.


#. Prong collars

Blunt prongs which would not cause any harm, points towards the neck of the dog and when you need to restrict its movements pulling on the leash would bring pressure on its neck which would ensure that your dog stays docile.

This type of leather dog collars could be kept on if needed and would not cause much discomfort to your dog but if it is with you then removing it would make the dog more comfortable.

Where and when you would remove it would need to be seriously considered before you leave your dog without a collar as it is the only restraining equipment you may have to prevent your dog from surging at anything or anyone. Any person who is looking for the best dog collars can take a look at this.


#. Halter collars

This dog training collar could be of different widths depending on the size of your dog and is a tight fit around its neck and below its shoulders allowing a comfortable fit.

This collar wraps around comfortably around the front chest and neck which allows better control especially for large breeds which would need to be well secured when walking them in public places.

The collar tightens around the dog’s neck and chest which restricts it from pulling away at the end of the leash and the discomfort it experiences every time it tries to do so, ensures that it keeps pace with your strides.


#. Martingale collars

This dog training collar is similar to the choker collar but would be ether made of nylon, leather or similar materials and the width of it would depend on your preference and the size of your dog.

The collar would have an additional loop at the rear of the neck which would facilitate the hooking of the leash and though it would restrict movement of your dog due to the discomfort when pulled, it would not choke your dog.

This is also a tight fit around the neck of your dog and would be advisable that it is removed when you have it within your sight and when the need to restrict it from pouncing suddenly is not evident.


#. Shock collars

This dog shock collar needs to be employed only by a professional dog trainer or handler as it could do more harm than good for your dog hence prudence in its use is necessary.

This collar delivers a static shock to the dogs neck when the provided remote controller is used which could control your dog’s incessant barking, trying to forcibly pull away or lunge at people and other dogs.

Frequent use of the static shock could be harmful and could also make the dog more aggressive hence it is imperative that it is used carefully and would be most suitable for training by a professional. It is also possible for you to get your hands on a LED dog collar when looking for the shock collars available in the market.


Apart from the above which are the most popularly used dog training collars used there are the following too.


*. Gentle leader collar

This dog training collar is ideal for puppies as old as eight weeks which brings pressure on the back of the neck and not on the throat and is very safe to use.


*. Pack leader collar

The upper portion of the neck is held by two straps which provide better control if your dog lunges forward or tries to pull you away on where it wants to go.


*. Bark control spray collar

For dogs weighing more than 50 pounds which squirts a burst of citronella automatically every time you’re dog barks which would be unpleasant and it would realize after some time that there would be an unpleasant smell when it barks.

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